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FREE Nasopharyngeal Cancer Screening 免費鼻咽癌篩檢

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 (5-7:30pm)
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 Tufts Medical Center – South 1
ENT Clinic 耳鼻喉診所  

860 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111
(across from Starbucks/Double Tree Hotel)
( particularly to immigrants from Province of Canton, Hong Kong and Macau; or those with 1st degree relatives who have been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer)

For more INFO (in English: 617-636-8724); 中文查詢電話(in Chinese: 617-636-4579)

About Nasopharyngeal Cancer Screening
In the United States, routine screening for nasopharyngeal carcinoma isn't done because the disease is rare. But in areas of the world where nasopharyngeal carcinoma is much more common, for instance in southern China, doctors may offer screenings to people thought to be at high risk of the disease. Screenings may include blood tests to determine whether a person carries the Epstein-Barr virus or careful examinations of the nasopharynx using a tiny camera attached to the end of a flexible tube (endoscope).


Signs and symptoms
• 頸部出現不明腫塊。
• 鼻涕中帶血絲、痰中帶血絲或反覆性的流鼻血。
• 單耳的耳塞、耳鳴,覺得耳內有水流聲或聽力減弱。
• 鼻塞、膿鼻涕或單側性頭痛。
• 眼睛看東西有兩個影子、眼球活動障礙或顏面神經麻痺。
§  A lump in your neck caused by a swollen lymph node
Bloody discharge from your nose
Nasal congestion on one side of your nose
Hearing loss in one ear
Frequent ear infections
§  Double vision and Face and neck pain


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